DREAMers, Wake Up!


“We are one. One individual, part of a community, 11 million strong!” – DREAM Iowa

DREAMers, it’s time we wake up from the fairy tale we have been living for these past three years.  Our brothers and sisters are still living in fear and their options are still limited.  We must not forget what our situation was before we received this temporary solution called DACA.

Three years ago, we faced uncertain futures, some of us were working low paying jobs and faced deportation everyday.  Many of us were trying to figure out how we were going to get the education we so desired and pay for it. Sharing our stories didn’t even cross our minds because how much we feared the judgement and consequences.

Now we find ourselves in a much better place. Not all of us, but the majority are getting college degrees, well-paying jobs, and opportunities we could only dream of three years ago.  We are steps closer to accomplishing everything we thought was impossible.

Remember all those times you said, “Si tuviera papeles yo hiciera….” or “Mami, papi si tuvieramos papeles hicieramos……” It is time to do everything we said we would and make sure it’s a collective effort.

Throughout this year, I have met so many wonderful DREAMers. DREAMers who make me proud to belong to such hard working community.  They are accomplishing their goals and working hard to get to important places. However, something’s missing.

We are not serving our community how we should.  We are not informing ourselves enough about what is affecting our community nor do we seem to care. I have met many DREAMers who don’t even know who Steve King is, let alone how his comments have affected our community long before we had Donald Trump to deal with.

Remember when we criticized that one relative of ours for not caring about us, undocumented immigrants, just because they had papers. We have now become those relatives.  We have so many DACA recipients in our states and our protests seem to have more White participants and allies than the people affected by raids and fear.

The responsibility of fighting for our parents and relatives has fallen upon a few hundred out of the 665,000 DACA recipients in the nation.  Can you imagine what we could accomplish if all 665,000 of us came together and fought for our parents’ rights? Fought against the unfair deportations of parents and children? Stood up to private detention centers who make a profit out of our people? Can you just imagine?!

We have forgotten that 11 million of our brothers and sisters are living in fear and our silence is encouraging such unhealthy lifestyle.

Coming out as an undocumented immigrant was one of the hardest things I have chosen to do. Every time I tell my story my legs shake and heart beat rises, however, every time it’s worth it. Embracing myself as an undocumented immigrant has empowered me. It has made me fearless and the individual who I was meant to me.

You don’t have to be out there in every organized protest, there are things you can be doing right now to make sure our community prospers.

Educate yourselves!

Share your knowledge with other DREAMers!

Empower others with example!

Stand up against injustice!

Be fearless!

Fight for our undocumented community. If we don’t, who will?



4 thoughts on “DREAMers, Wake Up!

  1. You are so right Kenia, you and all Dreamers can be the force to make systemic changes and help our brothers and sisters come out of the shadows.
    Well said!

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  2. I hope this piece inspires Dreamers, their families, and new supporters. We are in this together; as a community when one suffers the whole community suffers. Let’s keep up the good work and please, please, join us in whichever way you can!


  3. I truely love this post! And i put myself to blaim, I am one out of those thousands DACA beneficieries that has not done its part in contributing to the community. Sometimes we and i say we because this includes myself we become so ignorant and focus on our job, school, families,etc. And forget about the rest of our community because we have obtained what we want. But like you said this is a “Temporary Status” that can be taken away from us the same way it was given. Its time to act now and take conscious of what this country really means to us, is it worth returning to our country of origin? Are we offered the same rights? Jobs? Education? I don’t know about you, but i would like to begin this new year contributing to this community raising My voice for the million other undocumented families,friends,neighbors,etc. Kenia what can we Do to contribute?


    1. You’re comment means so much to me. It was a risky blog to write and I didn’t want to offend anyone, but your feedback was much needed. I completely I agree with you. You should add me on Facebook so I can add you to some DREAMer groups for you to start getting connect with others like yourself and know what’s going on. 🙂 https://www.facebook.com/keniaale
      or you can email me as well at kenia.calderon@drake.edu

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